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Extra Services

Web Design / Web Development : We are always here to help you and support you, but we cannot design or code your website for you, nor can we integrate the XML feeds we provide for you - this is up to you, and your developer. If you think you cannot cope with this, then we can point you in the right direction for developers, or people who can help you with kind of work. We know and have worked with several web design and web development companies. You need to have a budget, building a website is not cheap so be prepared to spend some money on your business.

Marketing Services : It is important to have a marketing plan, like any business having a website is only as good as the number and quality of prospective customers coming through the door. You need to have a good budget for search marketing, and give yourself some time to grow, both in the search results and in the paid advertising. Don't bank on your website being an overnight success, you have to work hard at it. If you think that marketing online is beyond your skill set, then we can also point you in the right direction for some companies who can help you market your website effectively online.

Adult Toy Party Plan : If you're interested in becoming an adult toy party planner, then it's easy - simply take your order from your customer, then order products from us, and have them sent directly to your customers - no hassles, no mistakes, no mention of us, or who we are. We fill your orders for you, with little hassles and worry. Simply sign up for an account with us, and get a dropship account, and get started today on your party planning!

Contact us for more information on how we can help you build and grow your online adult toy business.